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Cocoa Bombs

What are Cocoa Bombs??? They are chocolate balls filled with hot chocolate, marshmallows, and sometimes other surprises! When gently placed in a coffee mug and covered in hot milk or water, they explode! All of the goodness inside is enjoyed in a delicious hot drink. Order yours today!

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Sugar Alley Pastries is an in-home bakery that provides services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and surrounding area.  Our products are fresh, made-to-order cakes, cupcakes, treats, and other desserts.

Sugar Alley Pastries supports local suppliers when possible. Our products contain a combination of dairy products, refined sugars, flour, and nuts. Please ask us if you have any specific
questions; however, we recommend that you not consume our
products if you have severe gluten or nut allergies.  Gluten and sugar free options are available on occasion.

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Phone: 225-424-8212