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When a wedding tasting is requested, we, first, provide the bride with a questionnaire to gain information regarding the wedding details and cake and icing flavors for the tasting.  Next, the tasting and consultation is scheduled at a time that is convenient for the bride and groom.  During the consultation, the details provided in the questionnaire are reviewed and any questions there may be are answered.  

Wedding cake Tasting and Consultation is $25, which is pre-paid and pre-scheduled at least 1 week in advanced. If cake services are booked, there will be a $25 credit deducted from the total amound of all custom wedding services.  Date and time will not be confirmed until payment is received.   Click here to see Wedding and Custom Cake Terms and Conditions.

We pride ourselves on developing a personal relationship with brides and grooms who are planning their very special day. We offer flexible scheduling and budget-friendly options to help make wedding planning less stressful. 

Wedding Cake Tasting and Consultation

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